Incorporation within streetscape

First Consultation
Professional Fees
Site Investigation 
Sketch Design Stage
Planning Permission Stage 
Tender Stage 
Tender Action Stage
Construction Stage

Certain types of smaller projects will be exempt from Planning. This is assessed and cleared in advance with Planning Authority if not clear cut.

The planning stage of a project involves the creation of specific dimensioned drawings to scale and documentation set out by the Planning Authorities. it will include choices of external materials and solar powered heating and any visible or screened heating / cooling seen from the outside of a building.  In certain cases it will include input from the other professionals – Structural and Services Engineers and others.

In all cases it is advised to present the proposed Development to the Planners for the Area in a Pre-Planning Meeting to get valuable feedback on how they will view it, areas of concern to address in Planning Application etc.


  • To respond to the developed design and confirm that it meets their requirements
  • To engage other professionals as required by Planning Authority to carry out investigations ( drainage, wells, ) or a team in the case of larger projects to submit reports with the Application. An Engineer will design the drainage for the project. 
  • Sign off before submission.
  • To provide the necessary Planning paperwork and ownership maps / folio etc.
  • To speak to any adjoining property owners in advance of Application
  • Pay for the newspaper Notice and Planning Fee.


  • Site Plan              – showing proposed and existing context , ownership.
  • Photos                 – Photos of surrounding Context and site
  • Floor plans            – showing all floor and roof plans
  • Sections               – Cuts through the building showing context
  • Elevations             – All elevations including adjoining neighbours’ buildings
  • Materials               – Drawings show materials to be used, where
  • Drainage               – Drainage drawing done by Engineer
  • Maps                    – Ordnance Survey extract showing Site Notices , ownership
  •                             – Deed Maps to confirm Ownership, rights of way etc
  • Reports                 – Conservation report if Protected Structure
  •                             – Percolation tests if site is rural
  •                             – Environmental Impact Assessment if larger projects
  •                             – Chapter headings pre agreed with Plamnning Authority
  • Local Needs          – In rural locations , Form for justifying reasons for living there
  •                             – Includes letters from schools, local family etc
  • Septic Tank           – In rural location Percolation test by professional
  • Cover Letter           – Describing the proposed Development , arguments
  • Application Form    – Completed form with all details of proposed development
  • Exemptions            – if applicable for specific works. .
  • Newspaper Notice  – Copy of Notice advertising the Planning Application
  • Site Notice             -Copy of Site Notice
  • Details                   – Of Pre Planning Consultation for project
  • Fees                      – Planning Fees

The scale of drawings and level of design development at Planning Application permits some design input from the other design professionals at this point.

Once the Planning is issued by the Local Authority with Conditions to be met / possible modifications to design, with no Appeals,  the next stages ( incorporating any changes from Planning) can be completed:

PLANNING COMPLIANCE SUBMISSION      – Issued to Planning Authority          .

FIRE SAFETY CERTIFICATE                       – If Applicable


These separate submissions include similar drawings to the Planning with Specific reports demonstrating compliance with the Fire and Accessibility Regulations .See StatutoryTimelines 

Once again Pre consultation with Local Authority is necessary to address any concerns within the Planning Application.

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