Tender Action

RIAI Sample Standard Contract from the Royal Institute of Architects of Ireland

First Consultation
Professional Fees
Site Investigation 
Sketch Design Stage
Planning Permission Stage 
Tender Stage 
Tender Action Stage
Construction Stage


  • Assess tenders to meet budget for scope of work with advice from Design Team 
  • Agree any amendments in specification as recommended by Design team or contractor to reduce cost.
  • Agree programme of Contractor
  • Agree dates for inclusion of Client directly sourced items for Master Programme.
  • Agree final Contract Sum for the Works
  • Engage the Contractor to fulfill role of Project Supervisor Construction Stage under Health and Safety Legislation and advise the Health and Safety Authority of start date for project by registered letter.
  • Sign standard RIAI contract with Contractor listing the agreed scope of works, programme, payments,  and terms.


The Quantity Surveyor analyses the Lowest Tender , circulates it to the other Consultants for comments. Queries are addressed with Contractor and rates adjusted / negotiated . They then  prepare a Tender Report making a recommendation for acceptance by the Client.

If there are budgetary issues on tender, then amendments to specification quality will be necessary.

If for any reason issues arise with the tender or the Contractor is unable to complete the work , the second lowest tender is opened and process repeated.

The Contract Sum for the  Contract is agreed  and Contract signed between Client and Contractor. The Architect will be Contract Administrator. There is scope for the Client to negotiate  more regular  payment terms in exchange for discount.

The Contract Sum will include a Contingency Sum of 5-10% of the cost of Project for unforeseen events, with larger percentage for existing buildings.

A period of weeks is allowed in tender for awarded Contractor to set up for the Contract .

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