Site Investigation

Original Stair in situ

First Consultation
Professional Fees
Site Investigation 
Sketch Design Stage
Planning Permission
Tender Stage 
Tender Action Stage
Construction Stage


An accurate survey of the existing site and / or building with all features, levels and adjoining properties , underground / overground services is required for the process to begin.

In the case of existing buildings a Condition Report and photographic survey is required to establish its existing condition ( noting any upgrading works required – damp/ insulation. repairs , services etc ).

In the case of protected structures additional research will be required to establish original architectural features of the building which in turn will influence the design response.

In smaller projects the Architect does the survey – in more complex projects the survey is scoped by the Architect and tendered to Land Surveyors and other types of surveyors  to complete. These surveys  form the basis of the Sketch Design which responds to the specific site characteristics and brief,

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