History Channel - Official Trailer Season 5

Architectural advisor and PSDP – Film Industry 2016-18

History Channel – Vikings seasons 5 and 6 VIDEO

Role as Safety Co-ordinator and PSDP to Production of Vikings Seasons 5 and 6.The role blends PSDP for Construction with specialist risk assessment inputs for cinematic effects from :

  • Special Effects Department
  • Stunts Department
  • Marine Department
  • Horse and Animal Trainer
  • Armoury Department
  • Grips Department
  • Drone Operators and Aerial Filming ( Helicopter)
  • Rock Safety
  • Specialist Engineers

Risk assessments were produced daily for filming of set Designs , locations  and action sequences both in Studios and on external Locations in Wicklow. ,sensitive environmental and heritage properties, rivers, lakes , sea , mountains and forests, quarries, aerodrome.

Risk assessments were also produced following location analysis  for the Preparation and Striking of Sets , site set up and safety management.

A close working relationship with all departments and understanding of the different processes was required to identify the specific risks and advise on mitigation measures.

I also acted as architectural advisor to Production, assembling and briefing a design team on the spatial and technical requirements for all film departments involved in the production.